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Hi, I’m Gareth and I’m the Communications Manager UK/ROI for Essity. I’ve worked in corporate communications for 15-years and very much enjoy what I do. I get to work on really varied projects with many different people and in many different locations worldwide.

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“Never work with children” is the commonly used saying, and as the father of a toddler I can appreciate the sentiment. It’s true, sometimes children don’t exactly want to do what you have asked. Worse still if it’s something “soooo boring” like, let’s say, work! But I’m rubbishing that saying today because I have just […]

There’s a big focus at Essity right now on how we can use LinkedIn more effectively. The rationale makes a lot of sense for a company with 47,000 employees. If you can get even half of those employees using LinkedIn and they each have 100 unique connections, then you’ve got a potential audience of over […]

This month I’ve been mostly trying to get people talking about the things that nobody wants to talk about. At Essity, this happens with surprising regularity. In our world, the things that nobody wants to talk about tend to come in two forms – Menstruation and incontinence. Fortunately, thanks to some amazing marketing work by […]

Bottom of the Class

May 1, 2019

This month I’ve been working with our corporate PR agency to bring attention back to Essity’s School Hygiene Essentials Initiative. Most people remember their school toilets for all of the wrong reasons. No toilet paper, or toilet paper that could sand walls, no soap, having to ask the teacher when you needed to go and […]

For the last month I’ve been working on a series of projects promoting our industry leading apprenticeship program and it’s been great to see the options that are available to young people these days. I’ve spoken to loads of current and ex-apprentices working at Essity to get under the skin of what it’s like to […]

A common challenge in communications is finding a way to help your brand or company stand out from the crowd in an extremely congested media landscape. This is no more apparent than on themed days or weeks when hundreds, if not thousands, of brands attempt to capitalise on a trending hashtag by sharing content developed […]

Essity has 11 different sites in the UK comprising of three office buildings, six manufacturing sites, and two distribution centres. From Bedfordshire to Manchester, from Skelmersdale to Flintshire, and from Northumberland to Hull, we have sites up and down the country that are part and parcel of every day life for many local communities. Part […]

After a lovely Christmas break I’m now firmly back into the swing of the working week. The official date of no longer being allowed to say ‘Happy New Year’ has passed, and we can all start looking ahead to what 2019 is going to bring our way. For my first blog post of the year […]

Working in corporate communications can be quite random at times and that’s what makes it so interesting. One such random event happened to me this September when I flew out to Stockholm to attend the opening of an international photography exhibition. I was invited to attend the opening of Essity’s Hand-to-Hand exhibition at the Fotografiska art […]

18-months at Essity

October 31, 2018

I’ve been with Essity for around 18-months, so I thought an interesting place to start for my first blog post would be to think back about some of the things I’ve been able to do in that relatively short space of time. In no particular order, these would be my highlights: 1. Met HRH Prince Charles and had dinner […]

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