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Max Gordon
Max GordonDigital Communication Specialist
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Hi, my name is Max. I am 26 and having finished the Essity GO! Graduate Program in August I am currently working as a Digital Specialist in the Employee Attractiveness division of Essity. A lot of what i do involves making Essity careers visible and exciting to current and potential employees

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Feedback is a tricky thing. But giving and receiving come with their own challenges. You want to receive feedback because, hopefully, you are both proud of what you have done, but also want to learn to be better. However, someone objectively viewing your output can be an exercise in professionalism, restraint, tact and open mindedness, […]

Spring has Sprung

March 19, 2019

Hello and a happy spring to everyone. I am going to stretch the Spring metaphor as much as I can here, as by my experiences so far this year it’s going to be full of growth, new beginnings and experiences. This will be my first post for 2019 and is a bit shorter than my […]

Hello again, the motivation for this post comes directly from reading Gareth’s post a couple weeks ago. And if you haven’t read his blog yet, I couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s definitely motivated a bit of self-reflection on my part, I’ve also had some pretty big milestones this year and I only properly realised this […]

Hello, If you read my previous blog you will have picked up on some subtle undertones of holiday envy. Unfortunately, I don’t have that lynchpin to rely on any more as I have recently returned from a trip to Italy with my girlfriend. We had a brilliant time, but my sunset walks and lengthy historic […]

Summer at Essity

July 20, 2018

Its been a hectic few weeks in the Employer Attractiveness team. The reason for this always make me go a little light-headed when I try and think too hard about it. As my role is focused on the “Company brand” rather than “Product brand” what I am doing day to day can depend very much […]

If you hang about in factory coffee rooms, lean your head around a corridor or put your ear to the ground there is no doubt, sooner rather than later you will hear the whispered letters “A.I” or artificial intelligence. Somewhat unsurprisingly I am pretty passionate about A.I, probably comes with the job title I imagine. […]

I have mentioned in my previous blogs that I work in a very international team. We aren’t a very large team but we are spread out across Europe and usually have 2-3 different time zones to co-ordinate at one time. That’s not even including our extended network which is about 10 times the size of […]

Something I have discovered in my Digital specialist role is the difference in how you form relationships. When I was working on my Graduate program with Tork, most of the time if I was speaking to someone on the phone or in a meeting the chances are, we had already met face to face.  My […]

A year of change

December 8, 2017

Hi, so first official new post on the brand-new blog forum. If you have a look around you can see there are some nice shiny additions to the pages. The bloggers (us) each have our own section of the blog, this will make it easier if you want to quickly follow a blogger. We also have […]

Hello and welcome!

October 27, 2017

Hello and welcome! As it has been a while since the last post and with the launch of the new and improved blog platform I thought it would be a good idea to re-introduce myself and welcome you to the new platform all of us bloggers will be using now. My names Max, I am 26 and I […]

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